Its no secret, with many different applications available to record GIF’s, including Giphy, LiceCap, You are certainly spoiled for choice. Enter Gyazo.

My personal choice from this plethora of applications is the one in the title Gyazo.

It is super simple, super sweet and full of features. (Pro has even more!)

However, there is no need to worry! Application side, this is as simple as it gets. Click and the image is uploaded. Its their service they provide which what really made this standout to me. Not only do they host the images for you, they will also keep track of the obvious data (time created..) but also the window/game it was captured in.

I did mention above about taking screenshots in games. This is great for showing off to your friends. who don’t really care.

The default shortcuts are intuitive to me (Probably because most applications use the same one), but unfortunately from what I can see, are not configurable. however a simple Ctrl + Shift + C for a screen shot (Think Control, Shift, Capture) or Ctrl + Shift + G for a GIF.

One of the main reasons I love this application is due to the fact it works exactly the same on both Windows, Mac.

All images once taken are automatically added to your clipboard within seconds, if you do take quite a few images, there is no need to worry. All images can be accessed for at least a month (Longer if pro) after on the Gyazo site.

A screenshot from my Gyazo library.

These are just a few of the features available. Reeling off some from the top of my head you are able to:

  • Name Images once uploaded
  • Add descriptions
  • Show people what you want to show them by being able to draw on the images (PRO only)

If you’re looking for this type of application then i would really suggest Gyazo.