On request, I make applications, bots and all sort of interactions for streamers.

See below some examples of what i have previously made:

Queue bot

A while ago i started watching a streamer by the name of a_jaxx. He was constrantly invinting players using the twitch chat and trying to organise playing games with these players. This, while it worked just about, was not ideal and I would find myself watching a menu screen while I waited for players to join. I was asked to create an application to help ease this process. This led to the queue bot.

Basic User Interface - Queue bot


  • Optional Customisable messages on addition or leaving the queue.
  • Moderator commands to manually kick people off the list (If they had already played or had infringed in a way to not be able to play)
  • A User interface to display on stream.
  • Custom configuration.

Optional output in twitch chat - Queue bot

I do however have a todo list on this bot which I will get around to when i can.

Future Features

  • Rehauled UI
  • Internal webserver and Socket IO support for external applications to hook into events, also allows mods to visually manage the list.
  • Internal API
  • Possible implementation to use this as a service.

This has recieved alot of great feedback and criticism from the amazing people at the stream which has helped me shape the bot.

If you are interested in this application please do not hesitate to contact me.